What is a Feature Request?

At Votee.io, we take great pride in being a customer-centric company. We believe that your voice matters, and it has the power to shape the future of our product. That's why we've created a dedicated process called "Feature Requests" to empower you, our valued users, to share your ideas, feedback, and wish-lists directly with our product development team. In this blog post, we'll delve into what a Feature Request is, why it matters, and how your participation can ignite the spark of innovation.

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Written by Izzy V
Feedback Request
Feedback Request
what is a feature request

Understanding Feature Requests:

A Feature Request is simply a customer-driven suggestion or proposal for enhancing our product. It could be a new feature that you believe will add significant value, an improvement to an existing feature, or a change that will streamline your workflow. Your Feature Request is a direct communication channel, allowing you to voice your needs and desires, while also contributing to our product's development.

The Power of Your Customers' Voice:

Your customer's feedback is invaluable. It is the lifeblood of your product's evolution. Your customer becomes an integral part of your journey toward continuous improvement and innovation by submitting a Feature Request. Our platform deeply cherishes every idea, as it provides us with insights into how you/your company can better meet your customers' expectations and address the pain points. Your customers' voice has the potential to influence your product roadmap and drive real change.


How to Submit a Feature Request:

We've made submitting a Feature Request simple and accessible. Register now on https://votee.io and create your project and add boards. Then let your customers fill in the rest. There, you'll find an intuitive form to fill out (and customize if you wish), allowing you to describe your customers' ideas in detail. Your customers can explain how the feature will benefit them and others, providing us with valuable context, and also the reasoning behind it. Additionally, your customers can vote on existing Feature Requests, amplifying their importance and helping us gauge popular demand.


Transforming Ideas into Reality:

Your Customers' Feature Requests don't just end up in a void; they become catalysts for innovation. When a request aligns with your strategy and garners significant support from your community, it becomes a part of your development roadmap. Your talented team of developers and designers work diligently to bring these ideas to life, turning them into tangible, feature-rich realities.


A Feature Request is much more than just a suggestion box—it's your direct line of influence on your product's evolution. At Votee.io, we value your insights and experiences, and we're committed to leveraging them to create a product that goes above and beyond your expectations. So, please share your ideas, voice your needs, and join us on a journey of customer-driven innovation. Together, we'll shape the future of our product, making it an indispensable part of your success story. Psst. We also use our very won product to improve it further.

Submit your Feature Request today and let your voice be heard! Thank you for being an essential part of our product's story! πŸš€πŸ’‘

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